All natural dog treats and dog food. Handmade with love and care for the special four-legged friends in your life.

All Natural Doggie Biscuits

We are proud to present Mollie’s Meals and Treats made from healthy wholesome ingredients.  We personally hand-roll, cut and bake each and every treat.  We source local fresh ingredients from area farms around the San Juan Islands and mainland Washington to ensure we can offer the freshest quality possible.  Our fruits, vegetables, herbs, spices and eggs are 100% organic and the meats, poultry and dairy are antibiotic and hormone free.  Our grains are organic and are milled weekly in a small family-run mill. We do not add nor use any ingredients that contain artificial flavors or preservatives.  We hope that your four-legged friends will enjoy these tasty treats. Please let us know if your dog has any food sensitivities, we are happy to customize any of our recipes to accommodate special diets.


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