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When we are not baking biscuits, we operate two Inns and a restaurant in Friday Harbor, San Juan Island - the Harrison House Suites, Tucker House Inn, and Coho Restaurant. Our passion for food drew us to the west coast and our new careers as innkeepers and restauranteurs.

When Mollie, our yellow lab became ill, we took her to a number of vets and specialists and after a battery of tests, the diagnosis was inconclusive. She could have food allergies or inflammatory bowel. To achieve a conclusive diagnosis would have required extensive exploratory surgery that Mollie was too sick to endure. We tried a number of chemically-formulated allergy foods. Nothing relieved her symptoms of nausea and vomiting. A practionier of oriental medicine suggested we make Mollie's food. She said, "You cook for your guests, why not Mollie?" It seemed like a daunting task. We understood the importance of fresh seasonal foods in our diet and how it impacts our health, so it didn't seem like that crazy of an idea. We decided to give it a try. We had nothing to loose.

We researched different diets and enlisted the assistance of our vet who practiced holistic and western medicine. We tried a number of different recipes and adapted them to avoid foods Mollie had a sensitivity to. We made sure her new food would provide her the protein, vitamins and nutrients she needed as our canine companion. Slowly, Mollie began to improve. Mollie celebrated her 13th birthday in April 2009. She has been on a raw chicken, oat and veggie diet for over 1 1/2 years.  More importantly, we are so pleased that she has been sympton free and can now enjoy her golden doggie years.

Both of our Inns welcome dogs. We leave freshly baked homemade cookies for our two-legged guests and freshly baked biscuits for our four-legged guests. One of our guests celebrated her dogs 11th birthday at the Inn and made pupcakes that we all shared. Her recipe was the starting point for our special occasion treats. Over the years, we have had plenty of opportunity to taste test and perfect our recipes. We taste everything we make, except Mollie's raw food.  We have cooked it up as a quasi 'meat' loaf so it is safe for us to sample. If our recipes meet our approval, we check with Mollie and her pals for the final quality assurance.

Mollie's Meals & Treats is the vision of Erin, Mollie's second Mom. Erin has a special place in her heart for dogs and cats especially Mollie.  Erin is pleased to present this speciality line of biscuits, bagels and foods in the hopes that other dogs can benefit and live long healthy, happy lives.

Anna Maria, Dave, Erin & Mollie


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